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Recognition & Media 

Since creating the original organization in Italy - "Tutto E Vita" , Fr.Guidalberto's vision, work and teachings have recieved worldwide recognition in the field of palliative & spiritual care and its awareness and practice. Here are some of the mentionable inclusions.

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Article for Rubin Museum

devoted his life to supporting those seeking
knowledge about conscious dying--and
living whether for themselves or in service
of others. Well-versed in both Western and
Eastern traditions, his Everything Is Life
institute in Prato, Italy, is a vibrant center of
healing and instruction. Click Here for full Coverage.

Article : Parabola Magazine
"Make This Moment A Diamond"

Father Guidalberto Bormolini asks people to take a new view of death—and life. After training as a lute maker, he became a priest and monk and studied extensively about both ancient and modern spiritual and religious teachings.

 Click Here for full Coverage.

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