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A free online conference about Death and the spiritual way to increase awareness of self and enrich our present !

A special online event under the guidance of Fr.Guidalberto Bormolini & other leading experts in the fields of psychology, palliative care etc.


"Awareness of death is the basis of the path. Until this awareness is developed, all other practices are useless" (Dalai Lama)


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Death Awareness - The Key To Self Awareness !

What need did the ancients have for their incessant evocation of death? What good did they think they were protecting in doing so? Surely they were convinced that death was the most important moment in life, the only event that is certain, and that ignoring this truth had many implications, including the risk of compromising one's relationships, limiting their freedom of choice, and hindering the search for meaning and happiness.

"If you want to learn to live, you must learn to die," said the philosopher Montaigne, but to do this not only speculative philosophy is required, it requires deep inner experience. The actualization of the ancient "Ars moriendi" and paths of deep meditation could help to put the problem of death back in its primary concern: for the real issue is not so much whether there is a life after death, but whether you are alive before you die!

Conference Facilitated By :-


Fr. Guidalberto Bormolini

Chief Guide, Religious Figure, Anthropoogist

Elena Cavalli.png

Dr. Elena Cavalli

Psychologist specialized in accompaniment in bereavement


Dr. Massimo Pizzetti

Trainer & Counselor

Simona Milanese 2.jpg

Dr. Simona Milanese

Doctor, psychotherapist and oncologist

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