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"Come, come, whoever you are, come !

Are you an unbeliever, an idolater?

Even if you don't believe in anything, Come !


Our home is not a place of despair,

and even if you have broken your promises

a thousand times Come, once again come..."


(Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi, 13th Century mystical poet )

'Everything is Life' is the licensed North American branch of TuttoèVita, the first of its kind school and association founded in Florence, Italy, by Father Guidalberto Bormolini. TuttoèVita & Everything is Life are dedicated to offering spiritual assistance to all those who have to face a serious illness, have suffered a bereavement or have to accompany a loved one in illness or towards death.  We choose the ways of kindness, meditation, deep communion and more to provide holistic care for The Body, Psyche (mind) & Spirit (Soul).

As stated by leading experts in the field of palliative care : " It is essential to take care of the spiritual dimension in the face of the approach of death" - for this reason we offer high quality spiritual training for professionals and volunteers working in the field of palliative care, accompaniment to the "end of life" and any other form of assistance to the terminal stages of this life. It is also a promoter of a cultural change so that everyone can discover that death is not the opposite of life, but can itself become a gateway to new life.



Fr. Guidalberto Bormolini

​A former worker of an artisan carpentry and later luthier, is currently consecrated and priest in a community of Christian meditation: 'The Reconstructors In Prayer'. This experience could ideally be connected to the wave of post-conciliar spirituality that proposes an "internalized monasticism". He graduated from the 'Pontifical Gregorian University, obtained a Licentiate in Theological Anthropology and is a PhD student in Spiritual Theology at the University of St. Anselm in Rome. He especially takes care of dialogue with people who are in search even outside the Church. He deals with the spiritual accompaniment of the dying, he is a lecturer at the Master "Death Studies & the End of Life" of the University of Padua and at the Master "Kindness in the care relationship" of the Meyer University Hospital of Florence. He dedicates himself to interreligious dialogue, also through meetings, travels and friendships. He devoted himself to the study of the ascetic disciplines in Christian monasticism and to the relationship between the body and the spiritual life; christian spirituality in relation to love for Creation; of death and dying in the great religions and wisdom traditions. Father Guidalberto is the chief founder of  Tutto E' Vita and the American branch Eveyrthing is Life,

Please click HERE to see the full profile for Fr. Guidalberto Bormolini

Patrizia De Libero

Main contact between Everything is Life and Tutto E' Vita, she has been a spiritual seeker for over 30 years, profoundly touched and influenced by some practices of Christian mysticism, Yoga, Buddhism & Sufism. For spiritual reasons she traveled and retreated in many holy places around the planet. She then created "Kairos Pilgrimages", connecting people to sacred places. She is also the founder of Soham Yoga School, training yoga instructors. Patrizia believes that 'Death remembrance is the way to live fully and concretely on any spiritual path we embrace.' She is a holder of the Masters in Death Studies from TuttoèVita in Italy and a graduate of the Conscious Dying Institute in Colorado as a coach and death doula. She offers spiritual assistance to people who are dying and she has been encouraging people at any age to face death as key to truly entering the mystery of Life.

jon pepper lo.jpg

Jon Pepper

 Jon has spent more than 4 decades exploring spirituality and meditation and has trained under some of the seminal spiritual figures of the last 75 years.


He is able to share various meditation practices that promote deep relaxation, balance, acceptance, and opening of the heart. 



Maria Tagliente

Student in 2017, Internist, since 2012 in the anthroposophical clinic "Havelhöhe" in Berlin, since January 2017 in the palliative medicine department.

Luca Manfredini

Student in 2017, Surgeon, Pediatrician, Anesthesiologist, member of the Board of Directors of the SICP, Vice-President of the Maruzza Region Liguria Onlus Association and Director of the Pediatric Hospice of the Gaslini Hospital in Genoa.

Kathrin Ohnsorge

Student in 2017, University researcher in bioethics in palliative care; trainer in bioethics in palliative care; teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan.

Anna Biena

Student in 2017, teacher in Brescia.

Paola Calzolari

Doctor for 30 years, for four years General Practitioner.

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