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Beyond The Fear Of


'Meditation & Spirituality to Nourishing Life'

A One-Of -Kind retreat about Life, Death and the ultimate consciousnes under the  guidance of Fr.Guidalberto Bormolini & experts in the field of Palliative Care & Anthropology.

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About This Event

Retreat Fees


An Introduction to the 'End'

The denial of death and a kind of ban on talking about it have created an unprecedented situation in Western civilization, giving rise to an illusory claim to immortality. Death has become a kind of modern taboo. Until recently, rituals and images represented it as a natural outcome and an inseparable part of life; now, however, death is relegated to the aseptic environments of hospitals, as if removing its thought and image from us would remove its reality!

Instead, as all ancient traditions teach us, it is precisely the awareness of death that makes life precious. Anyone who has deep awareness of death is able to acquire the freedom that allows the unfurling of sails to the wind of change, the wind of Spirit.

This retreat aims to increase participants' awareness through the illustration of traditional techniques of preparation for death, the Ars moriendi, and an experiential journey that aims to bring to light one's needs, fears and hopes in the face of dying, in order to increase one's ability to know and listen to oneself.

Facilitators & Guides For This Retreat


Fr. Guidalberto Bormolini

Chief Guide, Religious Figure, Anthropoogist

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Dr. Barbara Carrai

Spiritual Assistant in Palliative Care


Dr. Deborah Messeri


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